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I am a journalism major and since 2016 I have been  working as a reporter and photographer covering issues related to human rights, socio-environmental conflicts and the resistance of peasants, indigenous and traditional communities in Brazil. I also work as a theater and stage photographer.

I have worked and published in several media outlets, including: Brasil de Fato, Agência Pública, De Olho nos Ruralistas, InfoAmazonia, UOL, The Intercept Brasil, Repórter Brasil, Open Democracy, Amazônia Real. I was also republished in outlets such as Folha de S. Paulo, Revista Exame, Revista Lento, Carta Capital and El País Brasil.

I was a finalist or "honorable mention" in different journalism awards, and winner of the Marc Ferrez Photography Prize from FUNARTE in 2021, with the Álbuns Originários project.

I am a master's student in the Postgraduate Program in Social Sciences in Development, Agriculture and Society (CPDA) at the Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro. 

In recent years, I have been based in Santarém and Rio de Janeiro. I'm currently based in São Paulo.

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